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Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Singer-songwriter

Born in 1953. Since high school I was immersed in rock and poetry (mostly contemporary poetry). I liked rhythmical and realistic poetry.Fua read various verses such as 岩田宏[Hiroshi Iwata], 村上昭夫[Akio Murakami], 泉谷明[Akira Izumiya], 秋山基夫[Motoo Akiyama], 渡邊白泉[Hakusen Watanabe], 金子光晴[Mitsuharu Kaneko]. While listening to music, regardless of genre, it has spread and reaches the present. In my high school days, polyps of the vocal cord became worse and there was a time when there was almost no voice. Although I got an operation, my voice began to come out, but my throat was weak, I thought that I could not sing a song. But around the end of my twenties I realized I could sing if I had a microphone. Little by little, I liked songs of my favorite poems and songs. Ideal is Randy Newman, but impossible.



ドシンとブカンとドボン [Doshin to Bukan to Dobon]

1. ドシンとブカンとドボン [Doshin to Bukan to Dobon]
2. 君のうた [Kimi no uta]
3. うた [Uta]
4. 誰かがきっと見ていてくれる [Dareka ga kitto miteite kureru]
5. もう少しここに [Mou sukoshi koko ni]
6. と [To]
7. 会合 [Kai-gou]
8. とうとうたらりの歌 [Toutoutarari no uta]
9. 小さい少年 [Chiisai syounen]
10. 彼女のことを歌いたくて [Kanojo no koto wo utai takute]
11. あなたのあたまに [Anata no atama ni]
12. 島 [Shima]

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Audio CD, SOET-0801, 1,852yen(without tax), Sonic Ether